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Angelenos sound off on beloved LA area codes

The Yellow Pages.
The Yellow Pages.
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The 213 area code is making a big comeback. 

The California Public Utilities Commission says we're running out of 323 area codes, and it'll start distributing 213 instead next year. 

L.A.'s area codes are more than a number: Some of us are so attached to these numerical prefixes that we wouldn't dare part with them.

Here's what our listeners had to say about SoCal area codes on Facebook:

We heard from a Valley girl on Twitter: 

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We heard from locals all over SoCal via our Public Insight Network

"People ask me sometimes where 213 is, and I proudly tell them Los Angeles. Even when I lived in LA, I felt like most of the 213 numbers I dialed were for businesses. I liked having a number that showed 213 was more than downtown office buildings; it was students and families, lifelong Angelenos and newcomers alike. To me, 213 is a part of LA that is not always glamorous and is often neglected, but it's resilient.”

—Joanna Lin

"I'm old enough to remember [the 213] area code applying to almost everyone I knew!

—John Pierce

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KPCC's social media producer and 213-er Kristen Lepore joined host A Martinez with more. To listen to the full interview, click on the blue audio player above.