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Politicon: When Trevor Noah and Ann Coulter will be in the same room

Trevor Noah is the new host of Comedy Central's
Trevor Noah is the new host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show"
Trevor Noah

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Trevor Noah. Ann Coulter. Newt Gingrich. Clay Aiken.

No, it's not the world's weirdest dinner party. Those are just a few of the folks who will be appearing this week at an event called Politicon.

Simon Sidi, a political analyst, and Jon Macks, former "Tonight Show" writer and author of "Monologue: What Makes America Laugh Before Bed," organized the event. They spoke to Take Two’s Alex Cohen about the unconventional political convention.

“Politics is entertainment now,” Macks said. “If you come to an event like Politicon and you see the mix of people and the panels that have been set up, I think it’s interesting for both political junkies and I think it’s interesting just for people really want to see something that’s never been done before.”

Politicon is the brainchild of Simon Sidi, who spent much of his life touring with professional musicians. He says he wanted to bring a little of that experience to another subject he was passionate about: politics. Macks instantly saw the value of Sidi’s idea.

“To be honest, I was blown away by it,” Macks said. “Politics is show business for ugly people … In the end, the truth is they really are both performers.”

To make his vision a reality, Sidi called on a mix of political commentators, analysts, comedians and musicians. He gave Alex a taste of some of the names headlining the event.

“We’ve got everybody from Trevor Noah to Jordan Klepper, also from the Daily Show, we’ve got the UCB doing a bunch of shows with Matt Besser, we’ve got an amazing art show as well.”

Sidi says he wants Politicon to be fun for everyone -- even people who don’t care for politics.

“Politicon is about politics and pop culture. It’s not just about talking heads,” he said. “We wanted it to be more like a Comic Con, we wanted it to be fun, we wanted it to be something where people can enjoy themselves.”

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