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Nic Harcourt talks about new music from Hinds, John Grant, and Editors

Trailer for the new album '
Trailer for the new album '"Grey Tickles, Black Pressure" by John Grant.
John Grant (via YouTube)

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If you love new music, but you don't have the time to keep up with what's hip and new, we've got the perfect segment for you: Tuesday Reviewsday. Every week our music experts bring in their top picks, which we promise, will keep you and your musical tastes relevant. This week broadcast journalist Nic Harcourt joins host A Martinez in the studio to talk about his selections.

Nic Harcourt

Artist: Hinds
Album: "Leave Me Alone"
Song: "Garden"

Artist: John Grant
Album: "Grey Tickles, Black Pressure"
Songs: "Down Here," "Disappointing"

Artist: Editors
Album: "In Dream"

Songs: "Life is A Fear," "Salvation"