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Where’s my hoverboard? The complete scorecard of 'Back to the Future' 2015 predictions

A screen grab from YouTube of a trailer for 'Back to the Future' Day.
A screen grab from YouTube of a trailer for 'Back to the Future' Day.

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Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 marks the day that Marty, Jennifer and Doc traveled to in "Back to the Future Part II." 

The 1989 movie makes several predictions about the technology in 2015. Some of them were spot on…many of them weren't. 

Ashley Esqueda is the host of CNET's Tomorrow Daily and is a professed "Back to the Future" lover. She talked about it with Take Two. 

 Bionic technology

"In the movie, we see Griff Tannen -- Biff's descendant -- he's got bionic implants," Esqueda says. "They mention he's got some 'circuits fried' in his bionic implants. We have those now. Those are being developed in medical technology. It's kind of amazing," she said. 

Where's my hoverboard?

"Lexus released a 2.0 version this morning called Slide," Esqueda says. "It needs to have its own park. The surface is specifically made to help the board hover ... It's got liquid nitrogen in it cooling the device, so it's got this -- sort of -- fog, very mystical look about it," she said. Esqueda says Hendo is also developing a version of the hoverboard, but she says both competing boards require a special surface to operate.

Flying cars

"We have flying cars," Esqueda says. "There's Aeromobil. They're working on a flying car that can take off then land and drive." Esqueda says that, even though vertical, helicopter-esque takeoff has yet to be perfected, movie producers still got pretty close.

What about the internet?

Diehard "Back to the Future" watchers may notice that, though the film features many connected devices, the internet never really makes an appearance. Ashley Esqueda says that the internet may have been represented indirectly. "Maybe the internet existed, just in a different way," she said. "They did have -- you know -- the video conferencing. Maybe there's some sort of catch and they just never really mentioned it because it's one of those things that seemed really boring at the time," she said.

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