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'Invisible Front' tackles the stigma of suicide in the military

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In the book, "Invisible Front," long-time military journalist Yochi Dreazen tells the story of Major General Mark Graham and and his wife Carol, who take the military to task over the the death of their two sons.

Their first son, Jeff, was heralded as a hero after being killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. The other, Kevin, suffered from PTSD and committed suicide.

Dreazen says that Kevin's death was treated negatively by Graham's colleagues. 

"They thought that he was a coward and that if they were to give Kevin even a fraction of the same honor they'd given Jeff they'd be saying 'cowardice is OK,'" says Dreazen.

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Dreazen will be at the Nixon Library Monday night for a lecture and book signing. Click here for more information.