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The Styled Side: give better gifts through science

Photo by Letha Colleen Myers via Flickr Creative Commons

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'Tis the season to be giving gifts, but you also want to make sure people don't think your presents are worse than coal.

"It seems like it should be so fun, but it can actually be stressful," says Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily. "Do you get them something that you like? What if it’s a significant other?"

Just like in fashion, there are trends in gift giving.

Gift baskets are gaining popularity, but not the kinds from Harry & David or Omaha Steaks.

"There’s a trend toward more 'curated' baskets that feel simple and earthy but are actually quite luxe," says Tyree. "Here in L.A., Simone LeBlanc has made a big business out of these baskets and she’s become a bit of a sensation."

Subscription services are also trendy. Companies like Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club will ship out packages filled with artisan-made products every month, making your gift a year-round treat.

Take a listen to the interview for more gift-giving advice from Michelle Dalton Tyree.