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'The Book with No Pictures' gives the kids control (for once)

Photo via Helga Estaeb
Photo via Helga Estaeb

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BJ Novak is the author of The Book With No Pictures. Its has been praised for its innovative writing and design and has become favored by parents looking to make they're children laugh.

When he spoke with Take Two's Alex Cohen, he said that the secret to the book's success is the  fact that it puts kids in a position of power to make adults do whatever the book tells them to do.

He'll tell us more about his experiences with the book, what his next writing project is and why he hasn't released a sequel to his his best-seller just yet.

Novak will be at a book signing at Children's Book World in Los Angeles on Saturday, Dec. 5. 

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Correction: The audio on this story includes the wrong date for this event; it's actually on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015. KPCC regrets the error.