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Atlas: The bullied bipedal robot designed by Boston Dynamics

Screenshot from Boston Dynamics video 'Atlas, The Next Generation'
Screenshot from Boston Dynamics video 'Atlas, The Next Generation'
Boston Dynamics

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Empathy is just one of the characteristics that make us human and you surely felt it if you saw Boston Dynamics newest video.

In the video we see Atlas, the bipedal robot's newest iteration being pushed, tripped and for lack of a better word...bullied.

Boston Dynamics is the same engineering and robot design company that brought you unnerving videos that featured these robots seen below:

However, the mistreatment of these robots was not in vain.

For more on Boston Dynamics, the Atlas robot and the abuse it faced, Senior Editor at CNET Ashley Esqueda, joined A Martinez to discuss.

Hopefully, the robot uprising and takeover is not imminent.

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