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Get ready for virtual reality on a roller coaster


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On March 26, The New Revolution will go boldly where no roller coaster in Los Angeles has gone before: into the realm of virtual reality.

It's part of Samsung's recently announced partnership to pair its VR technology with various roller coasters at Six Flags theme parks.

The goal is to transport users, who will wear a virtual reality headset while they're strapped into the stomach-churning coaster, to another world.

"You're moving like you would move on a roller coaster, but in this case you're also doing something like fighting to save earth from aliens, or in the case of a few roller coasters, fighting Lex Luther and sort of acting as Superman in a Superman-themed world," Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET, tells A Martinez.

"On a roller coaster when that roller coaster action and movement is actually baked into the experience, it's kind of this cool use of motion married with story telling."

This is a big year for VR as more technology companies work to make the technology appealing and affordable for a general audience.

Gear VR is one of the first headsets released by a large company and Samsung hopes the theme park tie-in will help put the product on the map. Turrentine says that Samsung wants to introduce its cheaper headset before more powerful and expensive models arrive from companies like Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, and Sony.

In addition to video games and roller coasters, consumers can also expect to see VR experiences paired with live sports, travel and professional training.

If you're like A Martinez and you're turned off by the idea of hundreds of sweaty people wearing a VR headset before you, Turrentine offers reassurance: "Six Flags says that they have enough for these select roller coasters that they'll be able to clean them between rides."

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