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Politics and comedy: The week’s top political headlines, served with a side of humor

Lou Perez, Jenny Yang and Jim Newell
Lou Perez, Jenny Yang and Jim Newell

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Another week brings yet another round of political fodder.

As the race for the White House heats up, so too has the rhetoric around remaining candidates. Here’s what Take Two explores today:

Naughty words on the campaign trail

Senator Lindsay Graham doesn’t like the direction of the presidential election. No, not one bit. When speaking about the state of the Republican party late February, the former presidential candidate didn’t mince words.

Not long before this uncommon utterance, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump may or may not have used a sexual slang at a rally. Okay, he did.

These two moments of raw candor led the Associated Press to issue a statement explaining why they chose not to edit the vulgarity.

Understanding the Trump supporter

Few can deny that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has struck a chord with American voters. Trump has garnered ardent supporters from several groups. So why are so many so quick to write them off as racists? 

Another round of primaries

Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho and Hawaii head to the polls today, but it won’t be a make-or-break day for candidates. A deeper look at what's at stake. 


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