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Can exclusive music releases, like Beyonce's, save Tidal?

Beyoncé released her new album
Beyoncé released her new album "Lemonade" along with an hour-long video piece on HBO.
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This weekend, Beyonce released her latest album "Lemonade," but fans would've been disappointed if they looked to iTunes, Spotify or Apple music, for their Queen B fix. That's because the album could only be found on the music streaming service, Tidal.

After a few days the album did arrive on iTunes for purchase, but the short lived exclusive did boost interest in the service, as it rocketed to the top of the iOS app charts shortly after the album's release, according to Gizmodo

Tidal, of which Beyonce's husband Jay-Z is the owner, and she is an investor, claims to have about 3 million subscribers, which is a whole lot less than the 30 million who use Spotify or the 11 million that find themselves on Apple Music. In short, it's struggled from the beginning.

But, can Tidal change the tides with exclusives like Beyonce's?

Alex Cohen speaks to Wired's K.M. McFarland, who's been writing about this.