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The Styled Side: wedding planning goes extreme

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Weddings are meant to be romantic, joyous and intimate.

But as people who've planned one know, planning a wedding can be crazy.

And in Southern California, couples have managed to turn the prep up to 11 to make sure their day is perfect.

Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily joins Take Two with some of the extreme services and trends that she's seeing in the wedding world.

"Out are facials and day spas," she says, "and what's in: your plastic surgeon."

Tyree recently got a press release with the subject line, "Bridal Bodies with Dr. Aaron Rollins."

Dr. Rollins is with Elite Body Sculpture in Beverly Hills, and the business is advertising what's called the Airsculpt Laser Liposculpture for women.

There is also a new weight loss treatment called Orbera, where a doctor will temporarily place a soft, rubber-like balloon into your stomach to help curb appetite. It is very new to America, having been used for years in many countries overseas. 

L.A. bariatric surgeon Dr. Jeremy Korman says he plans to bring Orbera to a local market by going to bridal shows and placing ads in bridal magazines.

For the day of, Tyree says she's seeing another trend: hiring a maid of social.

That is, a person designated to craft the complete online presence of the marriage.

"I found this company called Maid of Social is billing itself as the answer to your social media woes on wedding day," she says.

They say they will post on your social media accounts, create hashtags, design a Snapchat geo filter and and find viral ways to get bridal vendors to notice you.

"In general, couples paying big bucks for web sites just for the wedding," says Tyree.

Tyree adds that couples are looking to give their guests an extravagant experience that transports them to another place.

"The pressure now is insane! We have social media to thank for pushing the envelope."

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