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The Styled Side: make perfume for Mother's Day

A display of Victoria's Secret perfume
A display of Victoria's Secret perfume
Christopher Irwin, Flickr Creative Commons

This Sunday is Mother's Day. You didn't forget, did you?

But if brunch is boring and you're fed up with flowers, there's a new way Angelinos can say, "I love you mom" – DIY perfume.

"We're talking custom scents, perfume classes and unique small brands that feel anything but generic," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily. "Personally crafting perfume is not necessarily new, but the DIY movement has hit the world of perfume in a big way recently."

There's definitely room for the scent market to grow, too.

North America is largest fragrance market with one third of global fragrance sales, currently valued at over $40 billion (and the top perfume: Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds)

But Tyree recently tried developed her own scent with perfumer Sarah Horowitz in Westlake Village.

You can make an appointment to work with her and create your own custom perfume. She also has a classes in May where you learn to make your own. 

Many more businesses in Southern California offer similar services, too.

"What's really good about this trend," says Tyree, "is I'm incredibly picky about scent and I think it's very personal to people, so this is a perfect way to do something special. And if, for some reason, your mome ends up not liking the scent it's not your fault."