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A Marine's Iraq experience as told in comic form

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An image from "Terminal Lance: The White Donkey."

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In his new graphic novel "Terminal Lance: The White Donkey," former Marine Maximilian Uriarte, provides a fictionalized account of his time in Iraq, as told through the eyes of his main character, Abe.

The book is a continuation of his popular Terminal Lance series that's been running for the past six years online.

"The first [thought] in my head was I made a horrible mistake," said Uriarte, who was referencing his first reaction to bootcamp,in a conversation with A Martinez. "I think that a lot of Marine's go through that, but most Marines don't talk about that afterward."

Throughout his book, Uriarte draws heavily on his own four year experience with the Marines in Iraq in an honest way that's managed to connect with other veterans on a visceral level.

Look it up on Amazon and it has nearly five-hundred five-star reviews. In one review, a reader said it was, "Truly cathartic for... veterans, for myself, and hopefully equally as insightful for our civilian friends and family."

Cathartic, because Uriarte not only explores the realities of war, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but also the mundanities of every day life stationed overseas.

A Martinez recently had a chance to speak with Uriarte about his time in Iraq, as well as about his new book.

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