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Scientists would rather save clownfish than find Nemo


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The 2003 Disney-Pixar film "Finding Nemo" had a pretty clear message: Ocean fish belong... in the ocean.

Nemo spends most of the movie trying to escape an aquarium tank and get back home. The film was as a big a hit that you could ask for and captured that hearts and imaginations of kids who saw it.

But that didn't stop film-goers from falling in love with clownfish like Nemo and deciding that they had to have one for themselves.

Because of this, the world's clownfish population was devastated.

Now, with the sequel "Finding Dory" on the horizon, there's fear among marine biologists that this could happen all over again this time with Dory's species, the Regal Blue Tang.

Take Two contributor Libby Denkmann spoke to Dave Bader , director of education for the Aquarium of the Pacific, for more.