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The Styled Side: Alice, fashionable in the looking glass

Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska star in,
Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska star in, "Alice Through the Looking Glass."
Walt Disney Pictures

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The upcoming film, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," debuts next week, but it's also starring in stores right now.

"One of the big tie-ins for movies nowadays is through beauty brands," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of Fashion Trends Daily

Orange County-based Urban Decay launched a new collaboration with the film featuring a limited-edition eye-shadow palette and 5 lipsticks.

It's a follow-up to its offerings for the first movie in the series which sold out in mere hours.

Sherman Oaks-based beloved nail polish brand OPI launched a limited-edition release, too.

It's an evolution of how movies work where in the past, films would have products like bedsheets and toys aimed at kids.

But studios are working adults into the merch action.

"The notion that movie licensing is about toys and tchotchke is definitely outdated," says Tyree. "These tie-ins make the adult movie consumer really feel like they're on the inside."

High fashion retailers are getting into the action, too.

West Hollywood jewelry boutique Roseark offers Alice-themed necklaces, rings and bangles that run between $300 and $3,100. Meanwhile, tea party-ready hats and headbands from milliner Patricia Underwood go for $650 to $2,800.

Tyree adds that retailers like movie tie-ins because they can ride the buzz wave.

"They want to be part of that conversation on social media, and the more ways you can connect with an audience, the better," she says.