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Tim Heidecker wrote a whole album about living in Glendale

Tim Heidecker's
Tim Heidecker's "Work From Home" off his new album "In Glendale."
Tim Heidecker (via YouTube)

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"If anyone’s out there wondering what I’ve been up to, this is it and it’s not too glamorous," explained Tim Heidecker when asked about his new album "In Glendale."

The comedian/musician was inspired by his change of life when he moved from the city to the suburbs, so he filled the album with songs like "Cleaning Up the Dog S---," "Good Looking Babies," "I Dare You to Watch Me Sleep," "Central Air," and, of course, "In Glendale."

Tim Heidecker song

Heidecker's better known as one-half of the comedy duo Tim & Eric, but this isn't his first foray into music.

He recently sat down with Take Two's Alex Cohen to talk about the album and suburban life, fatherhood and dog dirt.

To hear the entire interview click on the link embedded at the top of this post.

Correction: An earlier version of this story gave the wrong name for the song "Work From Home." KPCC regrets the error.