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A Take Two taste test: LA's best hot dogs, just in time for the 4th of July

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Hot dogs are a classic Fourth of July food. But we here at Take Two were curious to know: What's your favorite L.A. hot dog?

Listeners sent their suggestions on Facebook and Twitter, and Libby Denkmann hit the town with producers Francine Rios and Lori Galarreta for a Take Two taste test.

Now, we’re not exactly Jonathan Gold. But each dog did receive a ranking on a scale of 1 to 10 franks. Here's how they stacked up! 

Stop #1: Jesus Hot Dogs, downtown L.A.

A bacon-wrapped hot dog loaded with toppings including grilled onions, peppers, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

Libby: "The bacon is so crispy, and the avocado, and the tomato, and the cilantro just really cut through."  8 FRANKS

Lori: "The avocado on a hot dog, I never knew could be so delicious. I never knew I needed it until now, and I will never eat hot dogs the same." 9 FRANKS

Francine: "The avocado with the bacon and the mayonnaise is impeccable." 8 FRANKS

Stop #2: Vicious Hot Dogs, North Hollywood

The sweet and spicy kielbasa, topped with a sweet chili glaze and chopped peppers and onions.

Libby: "This is really excellent. Compared to the Jesus hot dog, it doesn't have as many fun toppings. But the actual sausage is so tasty and so unique." 9 FRANKS

Lori: "I like how colorful it is. The onions, the peppers, they're all so neatly diced. It's aesthetically pleasing as well. But I think Jesus might still have a little bit of a lead on this one." 9 FRANKS

Francine: "That's good!" 9 FRANKS

Stop #3: Pink's Hot Dogs, Fairfax

A classic Pink's chili cheese dog, with mustard and onions.

Lori: "That's yummy. I would name this the comfort dog." 8.5 FRANKS

Francine: "My favorite thing about the Pink's hot dog is the actual dog. It's very flavorful, and it's got a little bit of a snap to it when you bite into it, and I appreciate that about a hot dog." 10 FRANKS

Libby: "I have to say though, I like a bolder flavor. I like more of a bite to my chili, the chili doesn't have any spice to it." 6 FRANKS 

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Web extra: Two Michelin-star Chef Josiah Citrin says the key to a great hot dog is all in the griddle, and not the grill! Click on the bonus audio above to hear more.