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Meet the millennial contest-winners reporting from the RNC and DNC

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The national party conventions are upon us!

On Monday, the Republican Party Convention kicks off in Cleveland and the following week, the Democratic Party has its turn in Philadelphia.

The presumptive nominees, delegates, party leaders, and reporters will all be there. 

And along with them will be winners of a competition called "Crash the Parties," put on by Fuse and Voto Latino, an organization focused on getting Latinos engaged in the political process.

James Villalobos, a rising senior at UMass Amherst and reporter for the Amherst Wire, will be headed to the RNC, and LA-based actress and TV host Arlene Santana will report from the Democratic Party Convention.

While at the conventions, they'll report for Fuse on issues that matter to a young, multicultural audience.

James Villalobos, Arlene Santana and Michael Schwimmer, president and CEO of Fuse Media, joined Take Two to talk about "Crash the Parties."

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