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'I'm what most working actors are', a look at the lives of character actors

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Still from "That Gal...who was in That Thing: That Guy 2" trailer.
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In spite of receiving some negative reviews at first, the new Ghostbusters is doing well and there's already talk of a sequel, which is great news for stars like Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy.

But career trajectories like theirs are far from typical. It's tough to be an aspiring actress these days, case and point: check out the new documentary on Netflix called "That Gal...who was in That Thing: That Guy 2".


That title refers to character actors, women who have might dozens credits on their IMDB resumes, and yet, you still might not recognize them on the street.

Eight of these performers are featured in "That Gal..." including Paget Brewster, you may have seen her in Criminal Minds, Community and Huff.

Paget and the documentary's director Ian Roumain, recently joined Take Two's Alex Cohen in studio. Ian began by explaining what inspired him to make the film.

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