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Susan Faludi tells the story of her father's gender transition

Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Faludi.
Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Faludi.
Sigrid Estrada

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In 1991, writer Susan Faludi published the book "Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women." 

The work is considered a classic feminist text.

Eight years later, Faludi turned her attention to the other sex with the book "Stiffed," which looked at the state of the American man. 

But, for some, gender isn't necessarily as simple as just male or female. That's something Faludi learned first-hand when she received an email from her estranged father Stephen.

The message boldly declared that he had traveled to Thailand for a sex reassignment surgery. 

It came with this signature "Love from your parent Stefánie."

Susan Faludi's exploration of her father's identity is the subject of her newest book, titled "In the Darkroom."

"We had been estranged for a quarter century because of the violence at the end of my parents' marriage. And for many years we barely exchanged a word. So when my father sent me this email in 2004 announcing that she was now Stefánie it was also an opening of a door. And in the phone conversation that followed the email I said, 'Can I come see you?' and my father invited me specifically to write her story. And I think in a way I reported and wrote my way back into a relationship with my father. It very much became a mutual, collaborative project in which my father wanted to be perceived and chose me to perceive her." -Susan Faludi

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