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Celebrities, lies and a literary 'hoax': The JT Leroy story

AUTHOR: THE JT LEROY STORY, a Magnolia Pictures release.
AUTHOR: THE JT LEROY STORY, a Magnolia Pictures release.
courtesy of Amazon Studios / Magnolia Pictures

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Once upon a time there was a young man, a writer, named JT Leroy ... the JT was short for Jeremiah Terminator.

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LeRoy's backstory was turbulent and dark. Many believed that's what made this young man such a good writer. His book, Sarah, about a prostitute who works the truck stops in West Virginia - earned LeRoy fans across the world.

He hung out regularly with famous musicians and actors. He was a celebrity. But then came the discovery that JT LeRoy wasn't a real person - he was the creation of the woman who actually wrote those books.

LeRoy was of many personalities and identities she adopted over the years. Her real name is Laura Albert and she has her OWN dark past - she spent much of her teen years institutionalized and in a group home. She was  a victim of physical and sexual abuse who struggled with addictions.

Laura Albert opens up about her life and her literary deceptions in the new documentary "Author: the JT LeRoy story".

Take Two's Alex Cohen recently spoke with Albert and the film's director Jeff Feuerzeig.

To hear the full interview, click the blue play button above.

Alex Cohen and Jeff Feuerzeig will talk more about the film and its making tonight at the Landmark Theater, more info here