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Forget Jurassic Park - this is what a real dino looked like

Psittacosaurus by Robert Nicholls. Photograph: Robert Nicholls
Psittacosaurus by Robert Nicholls. Photograph: Robert Nicholls

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This week, researchers in the UK unveiled what experts are calling the most realistic and lifelike model of any dinosaur, ever.

The model of the parrot-looking plant eater, the Psittacosaurus (sit UH cah SOAR us), and the coloration and pigment is based on research done by Dr. Jakob Vinther of the UK’s University of Bristol.

The model was done by paleoartist Bob Nicholls, here's a link to his work. 

What does this mean for what we think of when dinosaurs come to mind? Have we been wrong when we think that THIS is what one looked like?

Or what about this? 

We talked to Vinther about the dino model, and what it means for science. And oh, this is a much better representation of what the Psittacosaurus would look like if it was walking around: