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Ozomatli and Aloe Blacc to perform at community organized peace festival in Pasadena

The LA-based band Ozomatli pose for a promotional photo.
The LA-based band Ozomatli pose for a promotional photo.
Christian Lantry
The LA-based band Ozomatli pose for a promotional photo.
Musician Aloe Blacc started Artivist Entertainment with his wife, singer Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores and others.
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Gun violence and mass incarceration are some of the themes being taken on by a local music festival this weekend. Headliners include some big name musicians like Ozomatli and Aloe Blacc. 

In response to local shootings, the Pasadena United Peace Festival aims to bring the community together to address the possible causes and solutions related to violence in the neighborhood. 

Take Two's A Martinez spoke with one of the organizers, Pablo Alvarado who spoke about using music as a vehicle to not only bring attention to what's happening in his community, but to change the conversation surrounding it.

Pablo Alvarado: 

The concert is going to be right where the shootings have taken place. The neighbors have been invited to come. Music is about love- about understanding and celebration. So, when you shed light to this type of situation, the bad stuff becomes visible and then we can address it. Then we can engage people in a conversation. 

The Pasadena United Peace Festival will take place Sunday, September 25 from 3 to 7 PM on the corner of Buckeye Street and N. Madison Ave in the Orange Heights neighborhood of Pasadena. Performers include Ozomatli, Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Los Jornaleros del Norte, and Makoto Taiko.