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Peek into LA's tech future with KPCC's Fast Forward series

Raymond Hill 2034, Matthew R. Cunningham, ArtCenter Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

Technology has dramatically changed the way we live, work, play, and maybe even how we think. So how will innovation continue to alter life here in Southern California?

That question will be tackled in a new KPCC In Person series called Fast Forward: Designing the Future.

KPCC has partnered with the ArtCenter College of Design to kick things off Wednesday in KPCC's Crawford Family Forum. The first event, The Post-Geographic City, is all about how tech impacts our city. 

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ArtCenter's Jered Gold joined host A Martinez for a preview of Wednesday's event.

There's still time to RSVP to the first event. Click here for more information!

Interview highlights

What's the idea behind the Fast Forward series?

"So with Fast Forward, KPCC and ArtCenter wanted to take a look at where technology, design, innovation, and the human experience intersect."

About the event happening Wednesday night:

"We kick off with a conversation about the post-geographic city. Tim Durfee and Ben Hooker will really look at how technology is impacting how we define our cities and our neighborhoods, if you will. When you can book Airbnb and stay in a stranger's apartment or house, when you can hop in the back seat of an Uber with a stranger driving you to your destination, when Amazon can deliver products overnight via drone, all of this changes how we experience and interact with our city."

What will listeners take away from the Fast Forward series?

"I hope that Fast Forward demystifies it [the future]. That's one of the reasons we specifically wanted to look at the near future. Everybody sort of images 20, 50, 100 years from now, dystopian futures in the movies and what have you. We really want to demystify it, take a close look at what's going to be really attainable, where people 5, 7 years from now will be doing how technology will impact that."

Audio coming soon.