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Comedian Negin Farsad explains 'How to Make White People Laugh'

Negin Farsad at the TEDFellows Retreat 2013.
Negin Farsad at the TEDFellows Retreat 2013.
Bret Hartman

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Political and social activism can come in many flavors. 

And sometimes the best way to make people think (and act) is to make them laugh. That's the approach that comedian and filmmaker Negin Farsad takes.

Farsad was selected as a TED Fellow for her work in social justice. She called her TED talk A Highly Scientific Taxonomy of Haters:

Farsad, who describes herself as an "Iranian-American Muslim female comedian-slash-filmmaker," says a lot of what she does can be summed up as "social justice comedy."

The idea behind it, Farsad says, is to "take something that's either too sensitive, or just far too boring, and make it accessible."

Negin Farsad explains her approach to social justice comedy in her new book titled "How to Make White People Laugh." She talked about it with Take Two's Alex Cohen.

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