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Why chocolate milk could cut food waste in LA schools

Flavored milk could soon return to LAUSD schools
Flavored milk could soon return to LAUSD schools
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Flavored milk is making a coming back, after the Los Angeles Unified School District loosened a ban on chocolate and strawberry milk. 

The 6-1 vote on Tuesday night marked a shift in a 2011 district-wide ban on sugary, flavored milk.  The decision was made in response to the large quantities of plain milk being dumped into landfill because students refuse to drink it.

Before flavored milk returns across LAUSD,  a pilot program will examine the effects of reintroducing the drink among a small sample group made up of schools that volunteer to participate.  

What seems like a small change in menu actually reveals some thorny questions about how we feed our kids. Take Two's Alex Cohen discussed both sides of the issues with guests:

Andrew Hanks, Assistant Professor of Human Sciences at Ohio State. He's also one of the researchers behind a study that looked into the consequences of banning flavored milk.  

Brent Walmsley, founder of the health advocacy group, SugarWatch