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As Vine is cut, a look back at consumer video through the decades

A man uses a Super 8 camera.
A man uses a Super 8 camera.
Walterlan Papetti / Creative Commons

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Last week, Twitter announced it would be killing off video site Vine. The San Francisco-based social media company bought Vine for $30 million in 2012. 

Once the digital platform of choice for millennials seeking their 6-seconds of fame, Vine quickly fell behind in the market: competitors offered longer videos and special effects. Some analysts contend that Twitter didn't have a clear plan for their purchase to begin with. 

Vine is just the latest casualty in the rapidly changing world of consumer video. 

As a eulogy to the dearly departed Vine, Take Two looked back at the video tech that was once cutting edge back in its day, and ahead to what consumers might expect from technology companies in the not-so-distant future.

Techwalla Editor-In-Chief Dave Johnson guided A Martinez on the journey through the decades. 

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