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LA's new Youth Poet Laureate, Rhiannon McGavin, ignites words

Rhiannon McGavin performs her poem
Rhiannon McGavin performs her poem "Hereditary".
Via SoulPancake YouTube channel

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Tuesday night is a celebration of poetry at the Los Angeles Public Library in downtown L.A.

The event is hosted by a group called Get Lit: Words ignite, and it will include the last public performance of the city's current poet laureate, Luis Rodriguez.

Guests will also get the chance to hear the newly appointed Youth Poet Laureate, yes, it turns out LA has one of those, too.

She's 18-year-old Rhiannon McGavin. The freshman at UCLA, who started writing poetry  and making YouTube videos when she was just 12-years-old, explained that the impetus behind the poetry was to get the attention of a boy, "It didn't work out so well," said McGavin, "I don't think he noticed me ever. But it's okay."


The crush on the boy is now long gone, but McGavin's poetry career prevails. In 2014, she performed alongside John Legend and other young poets at the Marvin Gaye tribute concert.

Poet Puff girls perform alongside John Legend

She spoke with Alex Cohen earlier and explained her role as LA's Youth Poet Laureate, the internet's role in poetry and how she deals with some of the hate.

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