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The next @POTUS: How the President's digital history will live on

President Barack Obama is a guest on the show
President Barack Obama is a guest on the show "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis" on the Funny or Die website to "plug" the Affordable Care Act.
Courtesy Funny or Die

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Whoever wins the presidential election on November 8th, we know, will be taking President Obama's place in the White House come January 20th.

But what about @POTUS, the President's Twitter account? Barack Obama is the first president to have his own Twitter handle. 

Here's his first tweet, posted last year:

He's also the first president to use a Snapchat filter, go live on Facebook, do an interview with a YouTube star, or sit down for Funny or Die's "Between Two Ferns."

So what will happen to his online presence once he's no longer in office? 

This week, the White House laid out its plans for the digital transition from the 44th President to the 45th.

John Woolley, a political science professor at UC Santa Barbara, heads up the online presidential archive called "The American Presidency Project."

He joined Take Two to explain how the hand-over of social media accounts will work and the challenges associated with archiving the massive volume of online material that's already out there.

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