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LinkedIn adds new 'Salary' feature. OK, but what's the point of LinkedIn?

Link Humans, Flickr Creative Commons

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Included in the list of today's obligatory social media is the professional networking site, LinkedIn. But even if you are one of the over 400,000 users, you may be wondering what real value LinkedIn offers. 

LinkedIn continues to try to expand the user interface. They just launched a new Salary feature where users can discretely enter their salary and job title to compare with others in their field. And a few months back, Microsoft announced it will be acquiring the company. 

So, we tend to flock to LinkedIn when we're on the job hunt, but how helpful it is and what does the platform have in store for the future?

Fore more, Take Two's Alex Cohen spoke with Bridget Carey. She is a Senior Editor and the host of CNET's daily tech news show Update.

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