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Tips for planning your last minute election night party

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When it comes to watching today's results pour in, you could do it quietly on your own or you could have a party. Across the country, plenty of people, including us here at KPCC, are using this occasion to host a soiree. 

For more on the do's and don'ts of throwing an election night party Alex Cohen spoke to an expert party planner. Sarah Shewey is the founder and CEO of Happily, that's a nationwide network of freelance event planners. 

Some tips

Keep it calm

"I've been hearing a lot from our planners about really quiet peaceful type of parties where there's restorative yoga that's happening. There's some people who are throwing props bases parties, but I think for the most part, I think people are really nervous so they're trying to stay really calm."


"I think all-American snacks would be really important to have when you're watching the election. Popcorn, fried chicken, wash it all down with a 'Maazel Tov' cocktail would be perfect."


When it comes to beverages there has been a lot of talk of drinking games you can play. "Take a shot every time someone says 'temperament'" or something of the sort. There has also been plenty of chatter online about a drink inspired by an appearance by Trump Delegate Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN:

Maazel Tov Cocktail

So, if you want to make your own "Maazel Tov" cocktail, what should you use?

"Anything that makes you giggle uncontrollably. For me, that's champagne, splash it with a little bit of Manischewitz and I think you're good."

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