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On the Lot: Disney's Iger to advise Trump, new twist in Last Tango abuse allegations

Illustration from a scene in the 1972 film, Last Tango in Paris
Illustration from a scene in the 1972 film, Last Tango in Paris

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Anyone who's seen the classic film, "Last Tango in Paris" recalls the scene when Marlon Brando tells Maria Schneider to, "go get the butter."

It's the set up for a graphic and brutal act of sexual aggression, and  Schneider, who was 19 when the film was shot, has said she was surprised by it all. The scene was not in her script.

Our On the Lot guide, Rebecca Keegan of Vanity Fair, says new information about that scene, and how it was shot, is raising questions–not just about the 45-year-old film, but about the technique of surprising actors with difficult or violent actions on set to try to get a genuine reaction.

Keegan also shares the news that Disney CEO Bob Iger has agreed to sit on a panel that will advise the Trump White House on economic issues. And she talks about some of the films chosen this weekend as the best of the year by the LA Film Critics association.

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