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New Rose Parade hosts 'echo success' of predecessors

Cover of 2017 Rose Parade program.
Cover of 2017 Rose Parade program.
Via 2017 Rose Parade program

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It's almost that time to watch colorful ornate floral floats make their way along that five and a half mile stretch of Pasadena's Colorado boulevard.

The Rose Parade rolls on Monday... yes, that's January 2nd, not the first. There's a long standing tradition not to hold the parade on a Sunday.

Along with the usual floats, this year's parade will also feature marching bands and equestrian units.

The theme for 2017 is "Echoes of Success."

Hoping to echo the success of their predecessors this year will be two new hosts:  Leeza Gibbons and Mark Steines.

New hosts of the Rose Parade Mark Steines and Leeza Gibbons.
New hosts of the Rose Parade Mark Steines and Leeza Gibbons.

They're replacing iconic anchors Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards who've hosted the parade since 1979 and 1982, respectively.

Leeza and Mark joined A Martinez and Alex Cohen in studio for more on how they've prepared, some words of wisdom from the the hosts of Take Two and Leeza detailed what the theme of the parade means to her:

"Echoes of success is really a beautiful theme because it's about the band moms and dads, it's about that teacher who inspired you, it's about that person that said no to you who made you better, it's about the boss that first took a chance on you and I think that's what's cool about the Rose Parade is that it's communities coming together, hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteers who painstakingly put little seeds of grains on every float because they care about pride and they care about showcasing something beautiful and celebrating that we're communities who take care of each other. I think that's really glorious thing– it's TV comfort food."

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