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The Styled Side: A sneak peek into awards show gifts bags

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We are in the midst of awards season. With the Golden Globes just behind us and the Oscars at the end of next month, we are in for more glitz and glamour.

Part of the red carpet experience is the illustrious gifts bag. If you get even the smallest peak into awards show S.W.A.G. it's likely you too will covet the assortment of high-end goodies.

Who gets 'em?

"Everyone from nominees to presenters, it really just depends on the show," says Michelle Dalton Tyree of the site, Fashion Trends Daily. "Such as the Oscars, where we had the unofficial S.W.A.G. bag last year that went out to all of the nominees. The Golden Globes this year, the bags went to the presenters."

The television industry though can inspire more specific items. "Start gifts for the beginning of a season and wrap gifts, that's when things get very tailored and complicated to keep track of everything if you're a gift giving company," says Tyree. 

What's in 'em?

"Last year, the company that is known for doing these unofficial bags offered everything from a V.I.P. trip to Israel, to a 15 day walking tour in Japan, to a vampire breast lift which is when you take blood from one area and you inject it back into your breasts to lift them," says Tyree. 

But the lavish expenditures brought a backlash so things are changing in terms of how outlandish the offerings are. 

This year's Golden Globes give-a-ways featured "artisanal chocolates from a company called Flying Noir, luxury candles from diptyque, magnums of Moët et Chandon champagne as well and glasses to go with it," says Tyree. "The company that put this together is called Couture Gift Collection and they've been working with the Hollywood Foreign Press for the past 4 years."

How do I get 'em?! 

If you're asking yourself, ‘why should celebrities have all the fun?’ it turns out, the rest of us can at least have a taste of Tinseltown. Some of the same specialty companies offer consumer gifts as well. 

"One of them that I love is Simone LeBlanc. She does these very personal, beautiful creations," recommends Tyree. "She works with both ‘the industry’ and also straight-to-consumer. Couture Gift also does some, so you can look at everything from a gift box from $35 to $50, to the sky's the limit. And they'll work with you on really creative, fun things as well. So it's not really all about what's going to break the bank, but what is going to make someone really excited."                                                                                 

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