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How heavy rains are affecting Northern California vineyards

Photo of Russian River Vineyards.
Photo of Russian River Vineyards.
Via Russian River Vineyards Facebook

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More rain expected in Southern California through Thursday, but the weekend forecast: sunshine.

The showers are a welcome relief to most of parched California, but it's a mixed blessing for some.

As the drought enters its sixth year, the sudden deluge can be tough on agriculture. But some wine growers say it could be a boon in the long run.

The Russian River valley in Sonoma County has seen some of the heaviest rains in the past few days, with more to come. For more on how the area is being affected by the rains, you can check out the vineyard webcam that posts daily weather reports.

For more, Alex Cohen spoke to Chris O'Neill, owner of Russian River Vineyards.

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