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How would you redesign the Chargers' logo?

After announcing their return to L.A., the Chargers released this logo to promote the team's move. The backlash was swift, with many giving the design some serious side-eye for bearing a bit too strong a resemblance to that of the Dodgers.

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Amid the kerfuffle, the Chargers confirmed that the design was for marketing purposes only, so this logo won't likely be on any uniforms. But while a possible rebranding is in the works, we want to see what KPCC listeners come up with instead. If you have a fresh reimagining of the Chargers logo in mind, send us your drawings! We'll select a few and feature them here.

In the meantime, here's what some of our staffers came up with:

Stephen Hoffman, "Take Two" director

A very Metallica-inspired design.

Aaron Mendelson, data reporter

"It's clear that the Chargers are still reeling from losing Super Bowl XXIX to my beloved 49ers. I suggest this new direction for the team (with apologies to the Clippers)."

Katie Briggs, digital product designer

What better way to represent L.A. than with an electric vehicle charger? 

Leo Duran, "Take Two" reporter

"An homage to something everyone in L.A. can relate to: a phone battery that needs charging."

Brianna Lee, social media producer

"I don't know anything about football."

Maya Sugarman, visual journalist

Submit your logos to Take Two by emailing them to or tagging KPCC on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

If you're not artistically inclined, let us know whether you think the Chargers should rebrand in the comments below.