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What's in a logo? A lot, apparently. Just ask the Chargers

Mocked images of L.A. Chargers at StubHub Center.
Mocked images of L.A. Chargers at StubHub Center.
Courtesy StubHub center

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The Chargers haven't even been in L.A. a week, yet no one can stop talking about them.

Well, maybe not the team so much as their logo.

The interlocking L.A. they put on Twitter when they announced they were coming has not been embraced by fans.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, they've continued to change their logos since the backlash.

So, what will the Chargers do?

Paul Lukas from ESPN's Uni Watch has a suggestion: redesign and/or rename. Uni Watch is hosting a competition to do just that for the team. We also asked KPCC listeners to submit their best ideas:

For more on the competition and the new L.A. team's logo woes, A Martinez spoke to Paul Lukas.

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