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Supreme Court case on Mexico border shooting could affect Trump immigration policies

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Today the US Supreme Court takes on a case that could establish whether or not a non-citizen is protected by the Constitution if they are at a U.S. border.

The question grows out of an incident in 2010, when a border agent standing just within the United States shot and killed 15-year-old Sergio Hernandez who was across the border in Mexico.

The Hernadez family sued and today the high court will consider if rights granted under the US Constitution protected their son, even though he wasn't a citizen, and was technically inside Mexico.

The issues in this case could also have a bearing on President Trump's efforts to ban travel from certain nations. And it could clarify the rights of non-citizens at US borders.

For a deeper legal perspective, we checked in with Gould School of Law professor USC Niels Frenzen. He told Take Two's A Martinez , "we have a constitutional question before the court which if the court rules in favor of the government again, this is recognizing special constitutional authority on the part of the political branches to do things regardless of what constitutional provisions provide." 

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