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The Styled Side: What it takes to create a style buzz at Coachella

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Coachella is more than a musical festival – it's one of the West Coast's best answers to New York Fashion Week.

Designers and stylists converge there, too, to catch the eyes of festival goers.

Michelle Dalton Tyree from Fashion Trends Daily tracked what sandals company Teva did for this year's fest to be the buzz of the desert.

"Outdoorsy types have been wearing Tevas for years," she says, "but they were not exactly considered fashionable until recently."

However once "ugly" shoes have been making a comeback as the latest trend is being comfortable.

And it makes sense to have footwear made for being outside all day in the sun at Coachella or, in the coming months, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot and more.

"We see Coachella as really the starting point for festival season," says Alivia Birdwell of Teva. "That’s really the main time where people are searching for festival style, like what to wear."

Last year, Teva went to Coachella and created a DIY Teva station in coordination with retailer DSW.

This year it was all about social media.

"Teva partnered with several social media stars, including identical twins Tess and Sarah Behannon who have a rabid following and over 200,000 Instagram followers," says Tyree.

And on Instagram you'll see tons of pics of the Behannons at Coachella in their Tevas.

The strategy is paying off for the company: those kinds of posts are getting more likes and shares compared to Teva's other images.

Plus, google "festival sandals" and Teva's blog post is the first thing that comes up.

"Even if people don't go to Coachella itself, the trends still trickle down," says Tyree.

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