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California educators join Saturday's March for Science

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Tomorrow, scientists and their supporters will take to the streets to demand more political support for scientific research. 

The March for Science will have its main event in Washington D.C along with hundreds of simultaneous satellite marches across the country.

The National Science Teachers Association has urged its members to participate. And many K-12 teachers in California are expected to attend the various marches. 

To find out what all this means for educators and their students, Take Two's A Martinez  spoke with Carolyn Jones. She's been covering this for

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You don't usually see science teachers out marching in the streets. This is a real shift towards activism for science teachers not just for California, but for all over the country. 

What they've told me is that they see science under attack nationwide. With the proposal to cleave the Paris climate accord, to cuts to research funding, to proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, clean air and clean water laws, sort of the rise of climate denial.

And also proposed cuts to teacher training which is really important to science teachers. Especially as we're adopting new science standards in California and 19 other states. So, they see these things that are really a big part of their job, under attack.  

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