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How LA became home to our unique pink doughnut boxes

Large pink doughnut box.
Large pink doughnut box.
Eliot Phillips/Flickr Creative Commons
Large pink doughnut box.
Stack of pink doughnut boxes.
Salina/Flickr Creative Commons

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Mark your calendars because today is National Doughnut Day

Fortunately, we have hundreds of doughnuts shops in Southern California where we can celebrate the holiday. 

But before you head out for the free give-aways, we have a little history lesson for you. 

Have you ever noticed how most of our doughnut shops only use pink boxes? Well, you may not even know it but the classic pink doughnut box is a trademark of Los Angeles. It turns out, there's a very good reason for this quirky tradition. 

Take Two's A Martinez spoke with David Pierson. He's been investigating the pink doughnut box mystery for the LA Times.

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