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Tuesday Reviewsday: new music for your summer vibe

Daptone Record's the Como Mamas.
Daptone Record's the Como Mamas.

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Time to update your playlist!

Every week we’ll get a whole raft of new music. This week, Take Two contributor Oliver Wang brings us his selections. 

Jin - Enigma 
Album: Black Origami

Jerilynn Patton, better known as Jin, is a well regarded Chicago footwork artist. One of the few women involved in the footwork scene (which blends together house, hip-hop and some of the most frenetic drum programming ever. This new album heavily blends in Indian tabla drumming. 

Neiked - Call Me (featuring MIMI)
The Swedish songwriter and producer, Victor Rådström, known as Neiked, had a minor hit last year with “Sexual.” He's created THE summer jam with “Call Me” featuring vocalist, MIMI. 

The Como Mamas - Come Out the Wilderness
Album: Move Upstairs

The Como mamas are a gospel group signed to Daptone Recprds and their previous albums were acoustic but this time, they’re backed by the Glorifiers Band (a group of Daptone session musicians) for a more electrified effort.

This is their second time covering the gospel classic, “Come Out the Wilderness” but the first time with such a heavy rhythm section. But if you're interested in hearing what they usually sound like, check out the acoustic version:

Oliver Wang is a music writer, scholar, and DJ based in California.