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Tuesday Reviewsday: Shakira and Lila Downs

Columbian singer, Shakira
Columbian singer, Shakira

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Every week, we get a preview of the best new music. This week, Take Two contributor Justino Aguila brings in selections. Here are his picks.


Album: El Dorado

Shakira’s new album, El Dorado, recently made headlines when it had the biggest sales week for a Latin album in more than two years, according to Billboard. It’s also earned the songstress her seventh No. 1 on Latin Pop Albums. 

Shakira has now charted 39 entries on the Hot Latin Songs chart, the second-most among female soloists in the chart’s 31 years. The album is mostly in Spanish, but it’s clearly bilingual as well.
The album has 13 tracks and we feature the songs “When a Women” and “Me Enamoré” (I Fell in Love). 

Lila Downs

Album: Salón, Lágrimas y Deseo

Lila Downs continues to make the kind of music that goes deep, makes you think and it’s the kind of work that always feels fresh, thoughtful and a celebration of life. 

A total of 14 songs make up the project that has a bit of retro jazz and soul with a dash of mariachi. 

The album is delightful, but also empowering, optimistic and even though this is an album for her Latino fans, it’s really for everyone who just likes good music with a voice that's  also powerful.