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California State University System will soon admit all qualified students

File: School desks.
File: School desks.
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All qualified applicants will now be admitted.

The California State University System has announced if you have the required scores, they'll make sure you can attend one of the 23 schools in their system. But with all the news of CSU's being over capacity, will they be able to swing it?

 Maggie White is the incoming president of the California State Student Association and a member of the CSU board of trustees. She spoke to A Martinez about the CSU system's undertaking.

What are the base qualifications to be admitted into a Cal State School?

"That's going to be a little different for each of our different groups who are applying. For incoming freshmen applicants....we combine their high school graduating GPA their SAT or ACT scores and we're hoping to have about 3.0 average for the students for admitting, so they may have had lower than, a 2.0 or a 2.5 in high school but if they do great on the SAT or ACT, they're able to raise their overall calculated score and they'll be admitted to the CSU.

...But if you're a transfer student, you only need about a 2.0 GPA as long as you're in good standing with your community college. 

As it stands now, about 30,000 students meet these requirements but get turned away from CSUs because of over capacity.

Where's the money coming from?

"We're set to receive about $20 million dollars in the upcoming budget that will allow us to have 2,500 new full-time students every year. But when you think about that overall number of 30,000 eligible students being turned's just one bite out of this large problem. And so, while we're saying that we'll redirect students out of that number of 30,000 to one of our campuses, that doesn't mean that they're getting into the campus they want or that's accessible to them where they live."

Can it work?

"I think it's really with great intentions that the state asks the CSU to put this policy together and have it ready to be presented to the state by next May 2018. But my concern is always the funding. I think that Cal State would love to admit every single eligible student, our mission in CSU is to be accessible, affordable, high quality and be able to be completed in four years or whatever timeline works best for the individual student. But the fact is we don't have the tenure-track faculty, we don't have the buildings and we just don't have the seats in the classroom to serve those students right now."

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