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Tuesday Reviewsday: Jay Z and Big Boi

Beyonce and Jay-Z performing on 2014 for their
Beyonce and Jay-Z performing on 2014 for their "On the Run Tour" at the Rose Bowl. Jay Z released his newest album recently.
Frank Micelotta/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP

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If you love music, but don't have the time to keep up with what's new, you should listen to Tuesday Reviewsday ... this week on a Wednesday. 

Every week our critics join our hosts in the studio to talk about what you should be listening to in one short segment. This week A Martinez is joined by Oliver Wang -  music writer, scholar, and DJ.

Here are his picks:  

Album: 4:44
Song: Family Feud

Jay-Z snuck his album out late on Thursday night, his 13th studio album and his first since in 4 years. The producer, No I.D. does the entire album, and features a healthy dose of sampling, but not music sample - samples of voices. The samples,  mostly of black women from the worlds of gospel, jazz and soul paint a unique picture and is a return to form for Jay even if, topically, he’s not breaking any new ground. 

Vince Staples
Album:  Big Fish Theory
Song: Yeah Right

Vince Staples is a rapper from Long Beach, California. His new album, Big Fish Theory, is the first since his defining “Summertime 06.” Still very minimalist in feel but this time, adding a heavier EDM production touch thanks to L.A.’s Zack Sekoff, who’s been making waves in the city’s beat scene. 

Here's another single from the album, "Rain Come Down."

Big Boi
Album: Boomiverse
Song: All Night

This is the third solo LP from the one-half of the legendary Southern rap duo, OutKast. This album features a re-team with Organized Noise, the Atlanta-based production crew that was pivotal in the 1990s and early 2000s for shaping the then-sound of Atlanta hip-hop.