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The Binge: From the seas to the forests

Still from the BBC series, Shark. It's one of the titles we talk about on The Binge.
Still from the BBC series, Shark. It's one of the titles we talk about on The Binge.

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Every month Take Two contributor Mark Jordan Legan stops by with a curated list of the best things to stream on the web, we call it - THE BINGE!

This time we're going to the great outdoors! Here's Mark's list. 

SHARK (Netflix) 

While  there are many nature specials to view, one of the best is the  excellent two-part documentary simply called Shark. Wonderfully narrated by British actor Paul McGann, it is full of amazing footage and information. 

MERU (Amazon Prime) 

From 2015 comes an astounding documentary called Meru.  It tells the story of three talented mountain climbers determined to scale one of the most difficult peaks in the world, which is also known as The Shark’s Fin.


THE HUNT (Netflix)

This is an incredibly well done series that focuses more on the predator and prey relationship in nature. It's fascinating and filled with the terrific type of footage that's becoming more common with nature documentaries. It's also helped by the narration of the legendary Sir David Attenborough, who also narrates both versions of Plant Earth.

The Hunt covers everything from crocodiles to polar bears to killer whales to this, a fight between an impala and a leopard. 


Mark Jordan Legan is a writer living in Los Angeles. If you want to catch up on past Binge segments, here you go. 

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