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Space... the final resting place?

Earth and its moon, computer graphic.
Earth and its moon, computer graphic.
Kevin Gill/Flickr Creative Commons

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Last week, Take Two answered this question in the latest installment of our series SoCal. So Curious: what happens if and when cemeteries in Southern California run out of room? (Check out the answer here.)

But why worry about cemeteries running out of space, when you can be buried IN space, at least partially. 

Argos Funeral Services founder, Judah Ben-Hur says you too can "boldly go where no funeral service provider has gone before."

The Torrance-based company is the first in California to offer you the ability of send your cremated remains up to the heavens through a partnership with the Houston-based Celestic Memorial Spaceflights.

"We've made it possible to honor the dream and the memory of your departed loved one by launching a symbolic portion of their remains into the earth's orbit, onto the lunar surface, or into deep space," adds Ben-Hur. 

Services start at just over $1,000 dollars just for a post mordem jaunt into orbit before returning to Earth. But let's say your loved one had grander aspirations? Well, having a piece of them sent to the moon or into deep space the cost blasts up to warp speed to $12,500.

Ben-Hur says he's already had a number of people approach him, excited about the idea of themselves or their relatives resting with the stars. "They are looking for alternative ways to honor their loved ones by burying them on some other planet other than earth."

Ben-Hur plans to use the service himself and enjoys the thought that he will find an afterlife fit for a Starfleet commander.

To hear Take Two's A Martinez and Judah Ben-Hur talk about space-based memorials, click on the blue media player.