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'Meet a Muslim' program aims to 'change one heart at a time'

Moina Shaiq speaks with attendees at her
Moina Shaiq speaks with attendees at her "Meet a Muslim" discussions
Courtesy of Meet a Muslim Facebook page

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The rallies in Charlottesville this weekend have left people wondering how racial relations within communities can be improved.

Moina Shaiq has decided to confront the problem head-on.

She's founded a program called "Meet a Muslim" where she invites anyone to come meet her in person and discuss any questions they may have about her faith.

After San Bernardino, I decided this is it. We have to do something ... Whenever we hold events, it's the same faces all the time. I wanted to reach to those masses who do not come to these interfaith events. To draw them, I put some questions in my ad and also just [sent] a message that [they should] feel free to ask me any questions. But in the beginning, I do tell them I'm not a scholar; I'm a layperson. So I may not be able to answer your technical or in depth questions. But any ordinary question I will be able to answer. ​​

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