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Surkus: The app that pays you to just show up

The Surkus website
The Surkus website

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The gig economy is popular in Los Angeles.

Between Lyft, Airbnb and Task Rabbit, there are tons of apps that people use to pick up some dough and do it on their own schedule.

Now there's a new one to add to your side hustle app collection: "Surkus." 

Sign up, go wherever the app tells you to, and make a little money.

"It is weird to compare it to Uber where you have to own a car and have a skill in driving or Airbnb where you have to own the property and rent the space this way," Kerry Flynn, business reporter for Mashable, told Take Two's Libby Denkmann. "[Surkus], you just have to have free time on your hand and be willing to party, it seems." 

Flynn recently wrote about her first experience with the app.

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